Monday, April 13, 2020

Samskara International Film Festival set to make an indelible mark with its 5th edition

A traditional film festival in the form of an overwhelmingly guided meditative tour, Samskara International Film Festival is organised to explore the wonders of film making from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of the human experience through the world of films. 

Organised to promote and collaborate with new and established filmmakers from various genres who would like to present their creative work to established members of the Jury, the organisers of Samskara International Film Festival believes in the synergy of the many facets of film-making. Designed for the indie filmmakers, submissions to Samskara are made with an understanding that it is submitted to a jury comprising of producers, filmmakers, independent script writers besides other technical crew from the industry that can do justice to the technical prowess of your film and the spiritual cinematic power of your work.

With our judging panel and support partners scattered across the globe, Samskara will organise the Annual Samskara Film Festival Awards Event where we will screen the best of the selections from the winning submissions in a theatrical projector based presentation.

We hereby welcome you to submit your project(s) in multiple categories - be it a Feature Film or a Short Film, an Animation Film or a Documentary, Music Video or Web Series. We also have separate category for LGBTQ Films. Short Films (up to 40 minutes) and Documentaries (up to 60 minutes) are accepted irrespective of the year of making.

So here’s looking forward to seeing your films at our festival. Happy Submissions!